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The Family Tree Scottish genealogy guide : how to trace your family tree in Scotland
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Discover your Scottish roots! <br> <br> You take the high road, and I'll take the low--and your family tree will be in Scotland before you know it. This book will help you uncover your Scottish heritage, from identifying your immigrant ancestor to tracking down records in the old country. With help from Scottish genealogy expert Amanda Epperson, you'll learn about church records, civil registrations, censuses, and more, plus how to find them in online databases and in archives.<br> <br> Inside, you'll find: Basic information on how to start family history research, including identifying and tracing immigrant ancestors Step-by-steps for finding and using records from both the United States and Scotland Crash-course guides to Scottish history, geography, surnames, and naming conventions Whether your ancestors hail from the Highlands or the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, this book will help you grow your family tree in Scotland.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 6
Part 1Linking Your Family Tree to Scotland
Chapter 1Discovering Your Scottish Heritage Learn more about your heritage with this history of the Scottish in America: Scottish cuisine and celebrations, famous Scottish Americans, and the all-important tartan.p. 9
Chapter 2Jump-Starting your Scottish Research Set yourself up for research success. This chapter will help you start your genealogy research, with expert first steps, genealogy best practices, and important research principles.p. 23
Chapter 3Identifying your Immigrant Ancestor Discover the ancestors who braved the New World with this chapter's guides to finding your ancestors name, immigration date, and place of origin in US records like census records, passenger lists, and more.p. 35
Part 2Getting to Know the Old Country
Chapter 4Understanding Scottish History Delve into your homeland's storied past with this quick guide to Scottish history (and how it affects your research), from the Picts to William Wallace to today.p. 53
Chapter 5Understanding Scottish Geography Step back in time to "visit" your ancestors' lands. This chapter discusses Scottish administrative divisions, plus how to use resources like OS maps, gazetteers, and atlases.p. 67
Chapter 6Deciphering Scottish Names And Handwriting Track your ancestors in records databases with this chapter's tips for understanding Scottish given names, surnames, and naming conventions.p. 86
Part 3Tracing Your Family in Scotland
Chapter 7Civil Registration Locate your ancestors in the official records of the old country. This chapter discusses Scotland's civil registration system and how to find civil records on and Scotlands People.p. 97
Chapter 8Church Records Explore the faith lives of your ancestors with this chapter's guide to the Old Parish Registers created by the Church of Scotland, kirk session records, and vital records created by other religious institutions.p. 109
Chapter 9Census Records find your ancestors hiding in Scottish census records with this guide to finding and using censuses and census substitutes.p. 123
Chapter 10Wills and Property Records Unearth your ancestors and the places they called home. This chapter explains how to use wills, property records, and sasines.p. 139
Chapter 11Occupational and Military Records Investigate your ancestor's day-to-day life with occupational records that document their ministry, military service, or work as a tradesman.p. 153
Chapter 12Other Records Search far and wide for your ancestors in records that don't fit into a single category, such as published family histories, newspapers, legal records (called deeds), tombstones, and more.p. 171
Part 4Advanced Sources and Strategies
Chapter 13Putting It All Together Witness this book's techniques in action with these two case studies from real-life research.p. 187
Chapter 14What to Do When You Get Stuck Blast down your brick walls with this chapter's techniques for overcoming research dead-ends.p. 200
Appendix AWebsites, Publications, and Archivesp. 207
Appendix BSocietiesp. 217
Appendix CLatin Word Listp. 222
Appendix DWorksheetsp. 225
Indexp. 231
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