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Oh crap! I have a toddler : tackling these crazy awesome years--no time-outs needed
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  Publishers Weekly Review

Potty training guru Glowacki (Oh Crap! Potty Training) brings a pragmatic attitude and plenty of experience with the two-to-four-year-old set to her useful guide to setting one's child up to be "the best kid they can be." Feeling modern parents are pushed into "going above our kids' developmental limits in some areas and not challenging them nearly enough in others," Glowacki directs them toward a "governing" approach, based around setting strong boundaries to make toddlers feel psychologically safe while they develop their own individual personalities. To contextualize disruptive and defiant behavior, Glowacki observes it's a child's "developmental job" to offer pushback against parental control, testing limits and thereby figuring out who's in charge-hopefully, the parents. She advises against focusing on early formal academics, in favor of developing life skills, and against disciplining via time-outs and empty threats of "ginormous things you have no intention of doing," in favor of setting reasonable but real consequences for misbehavior. Glowaski's humor, aimed toward presenting herself as irreverent and relatable, falls flat ("Time-outs suck"). But her intuitive insights into toddler behavior, and skill in pulling practicable takeaways from these insights, make her manual well worth any frazzled parents' time. Agent: Allison Hunter, Janklow & Nesbit. (June) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

  School Library Journal Review

According to former social worker Glowacki (Oh Crap! Potty Training), who has worked with hundreds of mothers and children in her community, beginning with teaching potty training classes, the first step in dealing with parenting struggles is to find our triggers, the unconscious contributions to toddler behavior. When we get entangled in the child's behavior, we neglect to look at ourselves. Instead of blindly doing what our parents did, conscious parenting includes setting boundaries for both child and parent. Seeking to "create a life we don't need a vacation from," practicing self-care, and working to identify personal anxieties are key to the "work" of parenting. The second section ("the kid part") contains advice on how to engage the unique toddler mind and body (more sleep, more free play, lots of movement). VERDICT Parents of toddlers will no doubt find this tome accessible and at times delightfully funny. A breezy and memorable read.Julia M. Reffner, Richmond
Real-world, from-the-trenches toddler parenting advice from the author of the bestselling Oh Crap! Potty Training. <br> <br> Toddlers--commonly defined as children aged between two and five years old--can be a horribly misunderstood bunch. What most parents view as bad behavior is in fact just curious behavior. Toddlerdom is the age of individuation, seeking control, and above all, learning how the world works. But this misunderstanding between parents and child can lead to power struggles, tantrums, and even diminished growth and creativity.<br> <br> The recent push of early intellectualism coupled with a desire to "make childhood magical" has created a strange paradox--we have three-year-olds with math and Mandarin tutors who don't know how to dress themselves and are sitting in their own poop. We are pushing the toddler mind beyond its limit but simultaneously keeping them far below their own natural capabilities.<br> <br> In the frank, funny, and totally authentic Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler , social worker Jamie Glowacki helps parents work through what she considers the five essential components of raising toddlers:<br> <br> --Engaging the toddler mind<br> --Working with the toddler body<br> --Understanding and dealing with the toddler behavior<br> --Creating a good toddler environment<br> --You, the parent<br> <br> Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler is about doing more with less--and bringing real childhood back from the brink of over-scheduled, over-stimulated, helicopter parenting. With her signature down-and-dirty, friend-to-friend advice, Jamie is here to help you experience the joy of parenting again and giving your child--and yourself--the freedom to let them grow at their own pace and become who they are.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
The Parent Part of the Book
Introductionp. 9
Chapter 1Boundariesp. 13
Chapter 2Parenting Philosophiesp. 39
Chapter 3Connectionp. 51
Chapter 4Parents' Self-Carep. 67
Chapter 5Not Enough Timep. 93
Chapter 6Parental Anxietyp. 115
Chapter 7Reactionary Parentingp. 125
The Kid Part of the Book
Introductionp. 141
Engaging the Toddler Mind
Chapter 8Stop Educatingp. 147
Chapter 9Executive Functioningp. 161
Chapter 10Stop Talking So Muchp. 173
Chapter 11Cultivating Creativityp. 183
Working with the Toddler Body
Chapter 12Proprioception and Vestibular Movementp. 195
Chapter 13Free Play versus Structured Playp. 211
Chapter 14More Sleep, Lots Morep. 219
Chapter 15Validating Feelingsp. 231
Understanding Toddler Behavior
Chapter 16Discipline and Why Time-outs Suckp. 239
Chapter 17They Just Don't Listenp. 255
Chapter 18Transitions and Preparing the Childp. 265
Chapter 19Food and Behaviorp. 277
My Final Words: YOU GOT THISp. 287
Acknowledgmentsp. 291
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