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Pendulum swing
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Renowned political analyst Larry J. Sabato once again brings together the nation's most insightful analysts and astute observers of American politics to examine the Pendulum Swing midterm elections of 2010.</p> </p> Pendulum Swing dissects the political momentum that lead to significant Republican gains in the Senate, House, and Governorships. While many political observers offer only a high-level overview of the events and factors that shape the outcome, Dr. Sabato and his team of contributing experts delve into the overlooked details to offer unique analysis from several different angles.</p>
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements    Dr. Larry Sabatop. ix
Part 1The Big Picture
Chapter 1Pendulum Swing    Dr. Larry Sabatop. 3
Chapter 2Right Turn: The 2010 Midterm Elections    Dr. Alan I. Abramowitz and Alben W. Barkleyp. 45
Chapter 3The Battle for the Senate: The Republicans Fall Short    Rhodes Cookp. 61
Chapter 4The 2010 Gubernatorial Elections    Dr. Thad Beyle and Thomas J. Pearsallp. 73
Chapter 5Bringing Down the House: Reliving the GOP's Historic House Gains    Isaac T. Woodp. 83
Part 2Money and Media
Chapter 6Money Worries: Campaign Financing and Spending in the 2010 Elections    Dr. Michael Cornfieldp. 113
Chapter 7The Impact of the Federal Election Laws on the 2010 Midterm Election    Michael E. Toner and Karen E. Trainerp. 131
Chapter 8Midterm Media Explosion    Dr. Diana Owenp. 157
Part 3Senate and Gubernatorial Races
Chapter 9California: The Great Exception    Dr. John J. Pitneyp. 175
Chapter 10The Perils of Holding a Tea Party at High Altitude: Colorado's Senate and Gubernatorial Elections in 2010    Dr. Seth E. Masketp. 189
Chapter 11Of Witches' Brew and Tea Party Too!: 2010 Delaware Senate Race    Dr. Samuel B. Hoffp. 209
Chapter 12Florida: A "Red Tide" Beaches All Democrats Running Statewide; U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial Races Highly Nationalized    Dr. Susan A. MacManus and Mary L. Moss and David J. Bonanzap. 217
Chapter 13As Far as Politics and Governance Goes à Illinois' Governor and Senate Races    Dr. Paul Greenp. 239
Chapter 14Indiana Senate: Bayh Dominoes    Brian A. Howeyp. 251
Chapter 15Iowa's 2010 Gubernatorial Race: Money, the Economy, and Same-Sex Marriage    Dr. Caroline Tolbert and Amanda Frost-Kellerp. 257
Chapter 16"Not That Expensive, but Certainly Nasty and Weird": the 2010 Kentucky Senate Race    Dr. Laurie A. Rhodebeckp. 269
Chapter 17The Maryland Governor's Race: The Old Line State Bucks the National Tide    Dr. Paul S. Herrnson and Dr. Thomas F. Schallerp. 283
Chapter 18Breaking the Wave: The Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race of 2010    Dr. Agnes Bainp. 291
Chapter 19The Republican Revival in Michigan    Dr. Michael W. Traugottp. 301
Chapter 20Bellwether Backdrop for Blunt's Blowout: The Missouri Senate Race    Jo Manniesp. 307
Chapter 21A Tale of Two Reids: Nevada's Senate and Governor Races of 2010    Jon Ralston and Jon Ralstonp. 315
Chapter 22New Hampshire: The Swing State Swings Right    Dr. Dante Scalap. 329
Chapter 23New York: A Protest Opportunity Squandered    Dr. Jeffrey M. Stonecashp. 335
Chapter 24The 2010 Ohio Midterms: Senate and Governor    Jonathan Riskind and Joe Hallettp. 343
Chapter 25Pennsylvania: An Open-Seat Governor's Race and a Senate Incumbent Loses    Dr. G. Terry Madonnap. 355
Chapter 262010 Rhode Island Governor's Race    Steve Peoplesp. 373
Chapter 27South Carolina's Governor's Race    John O'Connorp. 381
Chapter 28Texas Governor's Race    Jay Rootp. 389
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