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Killing Eve : no tomorrow
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Jennings's pallid second thriller featuring British intelligence agent Eve Polastri and her arch-nemesis, Villanelle (after 2018's Codename Villanelle), lacks the appeal of the BBC America TV series Killing Eve based on the earlier book. Eve once worked for MI5, where she identified a pattern to assassinations committed by a woman who had targeted "prominent figures in politics and organized crime." Her efforts to prevent another murder were blocked by a superior, Dennis Cradle, and led to her dismissal. Eve finds a place with MI6, and tricks the traitorous Cradle into a meeting, where she offers him a deal in exchange for information about those who persuaded him to work for Russian interests. Cradle, with the help of Villanelle, turns the tables on Eve, setting off a predictable cat-and-mouse game. Eve gets on the trail of a shadowy Russian cabal, but the focus, again, is on her love-hate relationship with her rival. Anyone familiar with standard genre tropes, such as the spy's significant other who demands a choice between work and family, will find them in droves. Still, many fans of the TV series will want to check this one out. Agent: Jason Bartholomew, BKS Agency (U.K.). (Mar.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Eve and Villanelle plan for a high-stakes showdown in this sophisticated follow-up to the spy thriller that inspired the hit TV series Killing Eve. <br> "If you want us to remain silent -- if you want to retain your freedom, your job, and your reputation -- you need to tell us everything, and I mean everything. . ." <br> We last saw Eve and Villanelle in a spy vs. spy race around the world, crossing powerful criminal organizations and dangerous governments, each trying to come out on top. But they aren't finished yet. <br> In this sequel to Killing Eve: Codename Villanelle, former M16 operative Eve reveals a new side to her strengths, while coming ever closer to a confrontation with Villanelle, the evasive and skilled assassin. <br> <br> <br>
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