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The end of the world running club
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  Publishers Weekly Review

Walker's ambitious debut novel offers a gripping portrayal of a postapocalyptic world. This type of end-of-the-world story has been told before, but rarely with the intensity and believability that Walker creates here. Edgar Hill, a lazy, unhappy man, lives with his family in Edinburgh, Scotland, when an asteroid barrage strikes Earth, destroying modern civilization. Unprepared physically or mentally for the widespread death and destruction that follows, Edgar must finally face his responsibilities as a husband and father, and he knows he won't measure up. Clustered with a few surviving civilians and soldiers, Edgar is separated from his family when they are evacuated by a rescue helicopter, leaving Edgar and six others behind. Without hope of rescue, the six men and one woman flee to the south, across a landscape of chaos and despair. Edgar and the others must run to get to Cornwall, 450 miles away, chasing a rumor of sanctuary and seaborne evacuation, pursued by killers and gangs of murderous survivors driven mad by desperation and hopeless resignation. Edgar has never run in his life, but is determined to reunite with his family, and so sets a remarkable example of endurance and self-sacrifice for the others. This is a wholly convincing and exciting novel. (Sept.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
<p>The #1 International Bestseller!<br> A Science Fiction & Fantasy Book to Keep on Your Radar by io9 and Gizmodo</p> <p>A powerful post-apocalyptic thriller, perfect for fans of The Martian. When the sky begins to fall, one man finds himself separated from his family, his best hope is to run--or risk losing what he loves forever.</p> <p>When the world ends and you find yourself stranded on the wrong side of the country, every second counts. No one knows this more than Edgar Hill: over five hundred miles of devastated wasteland stretch between him and his family. To get back to them, he must push himself to the very limit--or risk losing them forever.</p> <p>His best option is to run. But what if his best isn't good enough? End of the World Running Clubis an otherworldly yet extremelyhuman story of hope, love, and the endurance of both body and spirit.</p> <p>Praise for The End of the World Running Club:<br> "Harrowing and heartrending, this is a novel that is almost impossible to put down." --Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW</p> <p>"Walker's ability to imagine a post-apocalyptic world in crisp detail is on full display in the early pages of The End of World Running Club." -- Maximum Shelf</p> <p>"...a beautifully written postapocalyptic tale of a flawed man's struggle for survival and redemption." -- Booklist</p> <p>"A fresh and frighteningly real take on what "the end" might be...quite an exciting and nerve-wracking 'run', with characters</p>
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