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Writing deep scenes : plotting your story through action, emotion, & theme
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<p>Take a Deep Dive into Plot and Scene and Improve Your Writing</p> <p>Whether you're planning your first novel or have already written a first draft, you need to master the concepts of plot and scene to truly realize your story's potential. Writing Deep Scenes teaches you how to write strong, layered, and engaging scenes--the secret to memorable, page-turning plots. It's filled with practical tools for building layers and nuance into your scenes, employing the right scene types at the right junctures, and developing a profound understanding of how plot and scene intertwine.</p> <p>Inside you'll learn:</p> How scenes are comprised of three key layers: action, emotion, and theme. How to recognize each layer and weave them seamlessly into a scene. How to develop an intricate relationship between the action and emotion in every scene. How thematic imagery embedded in scenes increases a story's tension and contributes to the story's meaning. Using contemporary examples from a variety of genres, Writing Deep Scenes provides an effective method for plotting at the scene level. Use these techniques and enrich your fiction and memoirs with page-turning suspense and pathos, and explore new depths in every story you write.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
The Basics
Chapter 1Plot Overviewp. 5
Chapter 2Scene Overviewp. 20
Chapter 3Scene Typesp. 32
Part 1Action
Chapter 4Action in the Beginning Scenes: Walking in the Shadowsp. 66
Chapter 5Action in the Emerging Middle Scenes: Brightening and Recommittingp. 82
Chapter 6Action in the Deeper Middle Scenes: Intensifying Darknessp. 96
Chapter 7Action in the Eno Scenes: Seeing the Lightp. 108
Part 2Emotion
Chapter 8Emotion in the Beginning Scenes: Dwelling in the Shadow Realmp. 124
Chapter 9Emotion in the Emerging Middle Scenes: Testing the Self and Moving Toward the Light of Integrationp. 140
Chapter 10Emotion in the Deeper Middle Scenes: Stretching the Self and Moving Toward the Darkness of Disintegrationp. 162
Chapter 11Emotion in the End Scenes: Integration is Completep. 174
Part 3Theme
Chapter 12Theme in the Beginning Scenes: Wading Through the Shadowsp. 188
Chapter 13Theme in the Emerging Middle Scenes: The Great Unknownp. 201
Chapter 14Theme in the Deeper Middle Scenes: A darker message and Meaningp. 217
Chapter 15Theme in the Eno Scenes: Seams of Lightp. 229
Conclusionp. 241
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