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New Books
The New Girl
A Good Marriage
Close Up
The Nemesis Manifesto
A Week at the Shore
The Lion
Black Flag
The Paris Hours
Ghosts of Harvard
Only Mostly Devastated
Cracking the Bell
If It Bleeds
Hello, Summer
When We Were Magic
The War Widow
The Guest List
The Tourist Attraction
Say Yes to the Duke
Shadow Flight
Flowers in the Gutter
Imagine Me
Big Summer
Old Lovegood Girls
The Somerset Girls
The Water Keeper
Wicked As You Wish
Summer Longing
The Queen
Boys of Alabama
Michigan vs. the Boys
These Women
The Lonely Dead
A Royal Kiss & Tell
The New David Espinoza
Chaos Reigning
Someone Like You
Little Eyes
To Wake the Giant
Furmidable Foes
The Wife Stalker
Hard Cash Valley
Grudge Match
The Imperfects