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New Books
Sucker Punch
Mums and Mayhem
Civil War Breakout
Against the Loveless World
The Eighth Detective
Atomic Love
Master of Poisons
Wildflower Ridge
Every Kind of Wicked
Vying for the Viscount
Murder, Take Two
The Last Story of Mina Lee
The Forest of Stars
The Less Dead
Winter Counts
Fighting Words
The Wright Sister
A Sweet Mess
Final Cut
The Palace
A Blessing to Cherish
Gourd to Death
The Hierarchies
The Wrong Mr. Darcy
The Last Mrs. Summers
The Key Lime Crime
The Space Between Worlds
The Queen of Tuesday
Emerald Blaze
The Aunt Who Wouldn
Grown Ups
The Night Swim
Like Crazy
Loathe at First Sight
Or What You Will
The Royal Governess
Making Sense
Truth and Justice
The Spybot Invasion