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New Books
Soulless : the case against R. Kelly
Her daughter
FKA USA : a novel
The porpoise : a novel
The perfect fraud : a novel
Girl in the rearview mirror : a novel
The lesson : a novel
Fleishman is in trouble : a novel
The perfect plan : a novel
Haunting Paris : a novel
The travelers : a novel
The burning chambers
The Lemon sisters : a novel
The stationery shop
The last house guest : a novel
The tenth muse : a novel
A philosophy of ruin
Fake like me
One night at the lake : a novel
The brink
The capital
For his pleasure
Travelers : a novel
Miss Pinkerton
Stealing worlds
Claiming his replacement queen
Having the soldier
Shock heir for the king
Soldier protector
Special forces : the recruit
His suitable Amish wife
Sheltered by the soldier
The maverick
Reunited by the Greek
Alaskan ambush
It started with a pregnancy
Killer exposure
Summer of
The doctor
Cowboy to the core
The body lies